Rechargeable Automatic Alcohol Disinfection Fogging Machine Sprayer, Electrostatic Fogger Nanomist Sprayer Gun Disinfection

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Different kinds of liquids can be added for 800 ml bottle.
Disinfectant bacteria spray : alcohol, disinfectant, Chloride liquid, perfume, toner. Hair care spray: Perfume, makeup, water.The
wireless blue ray nano steam spray gun is equipped with a high pressure water pump. The water sprayed out from the high-tech
copper nozzle under room temperature will be in nano mist. All the ingredients of the disinfectant or alcohol will be maintained
under room-temperature spraying without being evaporated by the high temperature. It will be a perfect safe and efficient
disinfection tool for you and your families.The spray atomization ability is better, more economical disinfection liquid